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Suzy: ”No, I want to be your last love.”
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Yana Shmaylova at Karen Walker Fall 2014 NYFW
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— Jean-Paul Sartre
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Stephanie Lee, Nam Joohyuk, Jin Jungsun, Shon Minho, Choi Minsoo by J. Dukhwa for Voguegirl Korea July 2014
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I am very much looking forward to the new Sailor Moon and after roaming tumblr was absolutely smitten with Marek Jarocki’s Armored Sailor Moon design.
I had a think about what Sailor Moon would be in a fantasy RPG and came to a Cleric as even though she has many items, one of them is the crescent moon healing wand.
Christ I’ve been animating for so long and not drawing that now I can’t just draw something, it MUST animate … NO EXCEPTIONS (… help me)EDIT: Check out:Sailor Mercury, the MageSailor Mars, the Ranger